What is Going On In the Village

After a long conversation with a friend of mind, I found out that one of my hopes for this sleepy little village is in the process of coming true. A group of local businesses, and citizens have gotten together and are going to restore the old Lincoln National Bank.

The bank is one of the last remaining original buildings left in this town. However it is not the original Bank. Setting directly behind the bank building is the original bank. It is now an apartment building.

A Short History

Preservation Pennsylvania

Lincoln National Bank, 1575 Avella Road, Independence Township, Washington County
Opened in 1905 in the coal-mining town of Avella, this bank was a vital part of the
community in the early 20th century boasting of deposits in excess of $1.75 million.
During the depression the bank failed and it closed in 1931 with only $ 43,000 cash on

The imposing brick structure is prominently located in the small town and has
been deteriorating over the last 75 years. Township officials have ordered its demolition
while the Avella Community Association have been trying to work with the current owner
to have the building turned over to them for use by the community. The owner has
expressed a willingness to work with the Association but the Township is pressuring for



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12 responses to “What is Going On In the Village

  1. Kendall Rush

    I understand that there have been some recent changes in the process of renovation to the bank, I do not know all the details but I understand that there is some question as to weather or not the AACA will be able to procede as planned. Avella is on the verge of a renaissance, lets not allow the opertunities to pass us by. Make Avella a place to be proud of! After all it is our home town.

  2. joe pribish

    just ran across this in the you tube. had no idea that it was gona be demolished.
    i and my family are part of the town. my fathers name is on the war memorial right up from the bank building. i was back there in 2001 and find the place depressing from what i was when i was a kid. they also need to restore the drug store and put in a old time dry goods store like SCOVERTS
    used to be. have you tryed to get the people who are in charge of meadowcroft village to help you?
    i now live in pensacola, fl. i left PENOWA in 1980.

  3. Hi, Joe I know who you are. I spent a lot of time down at your Moms bar. I had contact with you, a few years back. Glad you found the sight. For now the bank is on hold one way or the other.

    As I get the news I will post it. Take care.


  4. joe pribish

    hey ed i spoke with you in front of the fire hall when i was up there……….time flys dont it? hard to belive iam gettin SOCIAL SECURITY checks!!!!!!!

  5. joe pribish

    ed take a look at my space..
    got a lot of pics you would like.

  6. Linda Polen

    I grew up in Avella, great little village. We are well know for the Archiological dig at Meadowcroft Village. When we were kids, we went to Meadowcroft Village for Vacation Bible School, picnics, etc. I understand that it is now closed to normal people. What a stupid decision.
    But the Bank building is the best know landmark in Avella, and it makes me happy to know that the people of Avella are proud enough of their heritage to try and maintain control over something important to all of us.
    History teaches us that we do not learn from history, so please don’t make the same mistake that was made at Meadowcroft, keep the Bank Buikding alive.

    Thank you

  7. Linda Polen

    My sister just told me that Meadocroft is supposed to open up again, so maybe we have a chance to survive.

  8. Linda it seems that there are more that want it brought down than would like to see it restored.
    Truely sad.
    Ed Vicheck

  9. ray ward

    you guys have to save that bank! it would be so awsome to see it restored and used again.

  10. I noticed that this is not the first time at all that you mention the topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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